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Personnel/HR Directors - Email addresses

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United Kingdom


14,286 Personnel/HR Director names/company names/Personnel/HR Directors' e-mail addresses


£695 (reduced by 80% from £2,995)


This is a truly unique list of well over 14,000 names, company names and double opt-in e-mail addresses of Personnel/HR Directors in medium to large sized UK organisations.  This, the largest email list of personnel managers available in the UK, not only lists the most senior personnel executive for a large number of companies, but contains a substantial number of executives with other personnel related responsiblities, such as employee relations, industrial relations, compensation & benefits, recruitment and payroll. Personnel/HR Directors respond well to e-mail campaigns.

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All names, company names and e-mail adresses were verified within the last 3 months; individuals who no longer fulfil the role of Persoonel/HR Director are automatically removed from the e-mail database.


Whole list must be taken; if this list is too large for your purposes, you can buy a test quantity of 5,000 Personnel Directors email addresses at half price (£345): click here to purchase.

Recommended Users

Conference & seminar organizers; financial services; HR software; personnel consultants; publishers ;recruitment companies; training services.

Data structure

The following field is supplied for each record: Named Personnel/HR Director, company name, Personnel/HR Director's e-mail address.

Output formats

Data is sent in both (a) comma-delimited text (.txt) and (b) Microsoft Excel (.xls) formats.

  • (a) The comma-delimited text format is suitable for import into any spreadsheet, database or contact management software, as well as mail-merge
  • (b) The Microsoft Excel fomat is, universally, the most popular format for the despatch of mailing lists, and over 99% of computer users are familiar with Excel.


You can choose to receive your list as an Email attachment or, if you prefer, we can send the list to you on a CD-ROM.

Terms & Conditions

All data is supplied for multiple use but must not be resold to a third party.


To order, please click on our order button below; for further information, please contact us.


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