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Pegasus Users - Email addresses

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United Kingdom


5,458 names/company names/e-mail addresses


£445 (reduced by over 50% from £895)


This list contains the names, company names and opt-in email addresses of over 5,000 UK organisations who are current users of Pegasus, the contact named supplied with this list is the named most senior IT executive (IT Director or equivalent); the database contains, in the main, medium sized to larger organisations. 

Pegasus specialises in providing highly innovative, functional, financial and management business solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Pegasus Business Software has built their reputation on providing innovative, easy to use, functional solutions addressing the real needs of business. This has enabled them to evolve to become one of the UK’s leading providers of accounting and business software. Pegasus was established in 1982 and is a market leading supplier of modular software.

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All names, company names and e-mail adresses were verified within the last 3 months; organisations who no longer use Pegasus Software are automatically removed from the e-mail database.


Whole list must be taken.

Recommended Users

Computer & software firms; conference & seminar organizers; IT consultants; Pegasus Software specialists.

Data structure

The following field is supplied for each record: Named IT Director, company name, IT Director's e-mail address..

Output formats

Data is sent in both (a) comma-delimited text (.txt) and (b) Microsoft Excel (.xls) formats.

  • (a) The comma-delimited text format is suitable for import into any spreadsheet, database or contact management software, as well as mail-merge
  • (b) The Microsoft Excel fomat is, universally, the most popular format for the despatch of mailing lists, and over 99% of computer users are familiar with Excel.


You can choose to receive your list as an Email attachment or, if you prefer, we can send the list to you on a CD-ROM.

Terms & Conditions

All data is supplied for multiple use but must not be resold to a third party.


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