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Lists of Opportunity Buyers & Seekers in the Republic of Ireland

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Prospect Email are the list provider of 'choice' to those who are looking for lists of Opportunity Buyers and/or Seekers in the Republic of Ireland; you can view our complete list of Opportunity Buyers & Seekers related lists here, in alphabetical order.  To return to our complete list of lists for the Republic of Ireland, click here.   And if you intend to return to this page again, why not bookmark it or add it to your favourites.

Prospect Email's Opportunity Buyers & Seekers lists for the Republic of Ireland contain the names & addresses of those individuals and who are looking to participate in a particular type of opportunity; our slightly more (but not much more!) expensive Opportunity Buyers lists contain the names & addresses of those individuals who have already bought into at least 1 opportunity. 

If you would like further information on a particular opportunity seekers related list, click the 'View Datacard' button.   Some of our datacards are 'Special Offers' and are marked as such.  All of our Opportunity Buyers & Seekers lists are available for purchase through our online shop.

Can't find the Irish Opportunity Buyers or Seekers list you are looking for? Don't worry: it is likely that your list requirement can be met; simply click here to send us an e-mail or call our Dublin office on 01 247 5402 (from outside the Republic of Ireland please dial: +353 1 247 5402).  We can source any list and will respond promptly with the quantities we can supply and how much it would cost.

Republic of Ireland                                                                                                                                

Name of list

Coverage Business/Consumer No. of records View Datacard
Opportunity Buyers by type:        
Business Opportunity Ireland Consumer 11,840
Opportunity Seekers by type:        
Business Opportunity Ireland Consumer 13,995
Franchise Opportunity Ireland Consumer 8,810
Gambling Opportunity Ireland Consumer 22,510
Get Rich Quick Opportunity Ireland Consumer 9,002
Health Product Opportunity Ireland Consumer 8,520
Homeworking Opportunity Ireland Consumer 14,201
Horseracing Opportunity Ireland Consumer 8,250
Internet/Computer Opportunity Ireland Consumer 19,240
Network Marketing/MLM Opportunity Ireland Consumer 22,146
Property Investment Opportunity Ireland Consumer 12,280
Self-improvement Opportunity Ireland Consumer 10,950
Stocks/Shares/Trading Opportunity Ireland Consumer 10,265


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