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Frequent Business Travellers - Austria

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34,579 records

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Rental per 1,000  
Base Rental £195
Telephone numbers £25
Fax numbers £40
12 months lease* £440
* data supplied for 12 months lease include telephone numbers (100%) and fax numbers, where available  






Selections per 1,000  
Preferred airline £10
Preferred rental car firm £10
Class of accommodation stayed in £10
Countries visited £10
Geography £10
Nth name No charge






Production per 1,000  
Keycoding £5
Flagging No charge
Disk/CD-ROM/Email No charge
Labels (self-adhesive/cheshire) £10





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This is a unique database of executives in Austria who travel extensively for business, both within Austria and outside; executives in this category are drawn mainly from top and senior middle management, travel by airline rather than by train or car, and stay, in the main, in 4-5 star accommodation.  Executives who spend a lot of their time travelling on business have, generally, an extremely positive attitude to direct mail and are keen buyers of many products and services;when in the office, they are also an excellent target group for a wide variety of telemarketing compaigns.

Data is 100% postcoded and telephone numbers are available for all records.  Fax numbers are available for over 70% of records.


All names were contacted within the last 6 months.


Data can be selected by airline/hotel/rental car firm, class of travel, countries visited, and geography.

Recommended Users

Anyone looking to target frequent business travellers in Austria, in particular: conference & seminar organisers; event management companies; financial services; hotels; publishers; travel offers; upmarket consumer offers; venues.

Data structure

The following fields are supplied, as standard, for each record: Named frequent business traveller, company name, full company address including postcodes verified to Austrian national standard, salutation.  Telephone & facsimile numbers are appended, where ordered.

Output formats

Data is supplied as an ASCII comma-delimited text (.txt) file, on CD-ROM or via e-mail. The comma-delimited text format is the default format for the despatch of our lists, as it is suitable for import into any spreadsheet, database or contact management software, as well as mail-merge; however, if you would prefer to receive your list in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access format, you will be able to note this in our "Comments" box, when you place your order.


Data is dispatched on CD-ROM or via e-mail; where we send you our list by e-mail, this is usually done the same day the order is placed; otherwise, please allow 1-2 working days from receipt of order.   CD-ROMs as well as self-adhesive labels are sent by first class, recorded mail.

Terms & Conditions

All data is supplied for single use or 12 months lease, and must not be resold to a third party.

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