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Consumer Email Lists
Consumer Email Lists

Consumer Email Lists

View our complete list of opt-in consumer e-mail databases here, in alphabetical order.  All our consumer email lists can be purchased, securely, online.

If you would like further information on a particular opt-in consumer e-mail list, click the 'View Datacard' button.   Some of our datacards are currently 'Special Offers' (with some e-mail lists reduced by over 50% compared to the retail list price) and are marked as such.  And unlike most list companies who insist on doing the e-mail campaign for you (with you never seeing the list and having no control over whether the campaign has actually been executed), we release the e-mail list directly to you. 

Furthermore, all Prospect Email e-mail lists are opt-in, which means that all of your potential e-mail recipients have previously indicated thet they are interested in receiving e-mails in one or more of the categories below.

We also operate a refund policy that completely removes any risk from our customers: if you are dissatisfied, for whatever reason, we won't quibble and refund the purchase price in full. This refund policy is in place to guarantee complete peace of mind.

Name of list

Coverage Business/Consumer No. of records View Datacard
Adult Opportunity Seekers UK Consumer 18,950
Blackjack Players UK Consumer 20,991
Business Opportunity Buyers UK Consumer 18,110
Business Opportunity Seekers UK Consumer 20,938
Businesses without a website UK Consumer 5,054
Chain Letter Opportunity Seekers UK Consumer 20,195
25,000 largest Charity Donors UK Consumer 25,000
Consumers with adverse credit UK Consumer 21,256
Fixed Odds Opportunity Seekers UK Consumer 20,002
Franchise Opportunity Seekers UK Consumer 4,391
Gambling Opportunity Seekers UK Consumer 16,250
Get Rich Quick Opportunity Seekers UK Consumer 20,001
Health Product Buyers UK Consumer 4,258
Health Product Opportunity Seekers UK Consumer 3,240
Homeworking Opportunity Seekers UK Consumer 20,008
Horseracing Opportunity Seekers UK Consumer 12,022
Internet/Computer Opportunity Seekers UK Consumer 1,925
Investors in Alternative Investment Market (AIM) Shares UK Consumer 24,420
Investors in CFDs UK Consumer 24,011
Investors in Financial Spread Betting UK Consumer 22,025
Investors in Venture Capital Trusts UK Consumer 18,112
Networking/MLM Opportunity Seekers UK Consumer 25,003
Online Bingo Players UK Consumer 18,111
Online Gamblers UK Consumer 24,932
Poker Players UK Consumer 23,921
Property Investment Opportunity Seekers - looking to buy in France UK Consumer 10,450
Property Investment Opportunity Seekers - looking to buy in Portugal UK Consumer 2,501
Property Investment Opportunity Seekers - looking to buy in the UK UK Consumer 24,911
Property Investment Opportunity Seekers - looking to buy overseas UK Consumer 18,422
Roulette Players UK Consumer 24,052
Self-improvement Opportunity Seekers UK Consumer 18,240
Stocks/Shares/Trading Opportunity Seekers UK Consumer 20,055


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