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Top 5,000 UK Companies - personal email addresses of the named most senior executive of choice (select from over 35 different job functions, see below)

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United Kingdom


5,000 email addresses


£695 (reduced by 75% from £2,495)

The price includes the cost of supplying the data on CD-Rom or via e-mail.


This list contains the personal email addresses of the named most senior executives (customers choose their preferred job title from one of 35 job titles, see list below) of the largest 5,000 organisations in the UK ; so if you wish to target, say, IT Directors in the largest 5,000 UK companies by email, simply select the job title "IT Director"  during the online purchasing process, and we'll output the personal email addresses of the IT Directors in the largest 5,000 UK organisations.

The companies represented contain all of the UK's household names, in industries such as Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, and Financial Services.  The list is suitable for email marketing purposes, particularly for those companies wishing to offer a high quality product or service to senior functional executives in blue-chip organisations.  Top 5,000 email lists are generally regarded as highly responsive.

The executives on this list receive a higher than average amount of email; despite this, executive in these high profile organisations are much more likely to respond to a well targeted and relevant email approach than their counterparts in smaller firms.


All email addresses were verified by telephone within the last 6 months.


By one of the following job titles:


Advertising Manager Chairman Change Manager Chief Executive Commerical Director Company Secretary
Customer Service Manager Direct Marketing Manager Employee Relations Manager Events Manager Facilities Manager Financial Controller
Fleet Manager Head of Legal Services Health & Safety Manager HR Development Manager Industrial Relations Manager IT Director
IT Security Manager IT Training Manager Managing Director Marketing Director Network Manager Office Manager
Operations Manager Personnel Director Public Relations Executive Purchasing Manager Quality Manager Recruitment Manager
Sales Director Strategy Manager Technical Support Manager Telecoms Manager Training Manager  


Recommended Users

Computer & software firms; conference & seminar organizers; financial services; legal services; management consultants; printing & stationery; training services; travel offers; upmarket consumer offers.

Data structure

The following fields are supplied, as standard, for each record: Named Contact, Company Name, Named Contact's Email address.

Output formats

The email lists is sent in both (a) comma-delimited text (.txt) and (b) Microsoft Excel (.xls) formats.

  • (a) The comma-delimited text format is suitable for import into any spreadsheet, database or contact management software, as well as mail-merge
  • (b) The Microsoft Excel fomat is, universally, the most popular format for the despatch of mailing lists, and over 99% of computer users are familiar with Excel.


You can choose to receive your email list as an Email attachment or, if you prefer, we can send the email list to you on a CD-ROM.

Terms & Conditions

All data is supplied for multiple use but must not be resold to a third party.


To order, please click on our order button below; for further information, please contact us.


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